Selling boils down to craft, techniques, words and phrases

Hello M.Gordon,

My name is Alexis  I live in Quebec city. I sell high-quality printing products (from business cards to acrylic).

I am interested in your sales coaching.  Actually, I'm starting, from nothing, I had a few referrals, my website gave me few good leads but I believe that calling the businesses directly is something that will help me get new customers. I have a lot of product that people don't even know exist.

I've been watching your videos and I'm still doing my research on how to do cold call and by next Tuesday I'll start my calls. Right now I don't feel I need coaching because I haven't had the time to test all the material and ideas I've got, so I don't know where things will need to be improved.

My plan was cold call for a week then read your Big Book of Sales book, and then some coaching when I'd get stuck with the book.  I really want to try this for myself and learn for myself before I start working with you as a coach.  I think at that time your advice would be more helpful

I too look forward to working with you.



Alexis, B2B Sales, Quebec, Canada



I would love to have a student like you who appreciates the craft and technique involved.

You've got a great plan.  Take a few weeks (or months) cold calling and trying all the techniques you've been learning and absorbing.  Be as successful as you can using your own ideas and intuition.  You will have successes and failures, but at that point I think you will have a very clear picture of your own strengths and weaknesses, and where you're getting stuck in the sales process.

When you're ready I will share six script templates that I've developed, and I already know which ones will adapt perfectly to your approach with your type of business.  But even with a perfect script you'll still hear objections like "We're not interested" or "Busy/Call later".  I will show you how to walk into any business, or get on the phone with any business and get past these brushoff objections and begin a dialog with the customer.

Yes.  I can help you.  Write down all the objections you get, all the excuses you get, all the reasons they don't move forward.  When you have that list of everything you need help with - call me and I'll break down your sales process and we will rebuild it together from the ground up, taking into consideration your strengths and weaknesses.  I'll show you multiple techniques you can use to knock down every single objection you're having problems with.  I'll even teach you how to prevent some of those problems in the first place.  If you're talking to the qualified decision maker, I will teach you how to make that sale, more often than not.

The whole game slows down once you understand that selling boils down to craft, techniques, words and phrases, saying just the right thing at just the right time.  Success in selling doesn't come from getting "pumped up" in a sales meeting, success comes by preparing like a professional for every situation and knowing the exact technique or phrase to use at just the right time.  That level of preparation doesn't come overnight, but it's always a good time to start.

I'm looking forward to working with you soon.

Alan (not Alexis)

I feel more comfortable out in the field.

Good morning. Alan.

I am so grateful with you for all that you do for sales reps. I clearly understand that you really know the pain we go thru. I personally have learned so much from you that you have no idea.

English as my 2nd language it is hard for me. But for whatever reason you explain everything so clear that I capture a lot from you.

Everything you have done is making me feel very comfortable out in the field and I can't thank you enough!

Jose Z, Outside Sales Reps

Your Training Materials are Unique

Hi Alan,
I just started your Sales Challenge Videos and I have purchased your book. I've been watching your YouTube videos for months now, and I just wanted to tell you what a inspiration you are. Listening to your videos and watching them are such a learning experience and refresher for a seasoned sales person like myself. I have been to years of sales training sessions and would have loved to introduce you to all of the companies I have ever worked for. Thank you for all of your work.

Richard C, Global Software Sales

Love the Seven Step Sales Challenge

I'm finding these Sales Challenge videos to be very helpful, I have just recently taken up a new job in B2B IT sales which I start in a few weeks. I have worked most of my life in retail so these challenges / videos and the Big Book of Sales are some great tools I've been using to study up and become successful in  B2B sales. You’re giving me a sales structure that I can follow and think about while I’m talking to customers.  I just wanted to say thanks and I look forward to the next challenge.

Charles S., New to B2B Sales

You Have Changed Everything


Our coaching sessions have been nothing short of amazing. You will never understand how you have helped me prepare for this sales manager interview. Whether I get the job or not, you have forever changed the way I look at sales and at my own sales skills and leadership abilities. Thank you so much.

Richard H., Mutual Fund Sales

Alan’s Sales Coaching is Top Notch

Alan’s coaching is top notch and well worth the investment! Practical real life sales training techniques and structure for the sales process. I highly recommend “The Big Book of Sales” and one-on-one coaching by Alan Gordon for a more personalized sales strategy. I’ve read a lot of sales books in my life but none as comprehensive and useful as this.  Working with him individually really brings everything to life – and he was able to bring these concepts to my personal sales situation.  It has been extremely helpful.

Walter N. , Channel Distribution Apparel Sales

Alan’s Coaching is Priceless

Alan’s sales coaching is very real world and practical. His coaching is effective because he is in the trenches, selling every day, like the rest of us. I am in a very competitive industry and Alan gave me a number of new ideas and techniques which were really helpful and I was able to use right away. He made me think about the sales process in a new and different way.

He has the ability to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and focuses on technique, not motivational hype. He is very approachable and can identify where you need help. His coaching is priceless and has allowed me to consistently make ongoing sales! I would recommend his one on one coaching to any serious salesperson.

George J., Auto Transport Services

Appointment Setting Techniques

Alan,  So we were struggling with setting one or two appointments for our webinar in a week.  You taught me the script and your process for setting appointments.  I just set five on Monday and five more on Tuesday.  Now I have to push back our coaching sessions because I’m so busy with the webinars and all the follow ups.  For some reason I wasn’t sure before I hired you as my coach – I sent you dozens of emails asking you a lot of questions.  I can tell everyone – don’t hesitate!  They will be amazed like me how much you know about sales techniques and how easy you make it for us.  Thank you.

Markus K., Finland

Gym Membership Sales

After our coaching session this week I closed 6 memberships in one day and had 17 for the week.  My best week before this was 9.  The technique at the beginning worked just like you said it would, and the “easy” close you taught me worked just about every time.  I’m really pumped.  Thank you and I can’t wait for our next session.

Dwight Q., Health Club Membership Sales

(By Far) Best Sales Book Out There?

Hi Mr. Gordon.  I want to say thank you.  I am brand spanking new to sales, and after reading four other books I finally stumbled upon The Big Book of Sales.  Your book – and your videos are, by far, the most practical and useful information I’ve come across.  Thank you for so generously making this resource available to all of us.  Keep up the good work.

Adam P., (Brand New Salesperson)

Cell Phone Retail Store Sales

Alan,  I’m paying for your coaching out of my own pocket and let me tell you it was way worth it.  After our first session I was opening up more conversations about service upgrades.  I am going to make a ton more money!  I cant wait to get to your techniques on closing!  Everyone needs to hire you.

Ray B., Cell Phone Retail Store Sales

Now I’m Setting More Appointments

Alan, I had been setting one or two appointments a week, and I hated the cold calling part of my job. After our second coaching session I set six appointments in three days! The process you gave me worked just like you said it would. I really appreciate your help and I’m looking forward to your advice on every other topic – including closing those sales. Thank you.

Jill P., B2B Service Sales

You Gave Me a Sales Framework

Hi Alan, I want to thank you for the tremendous input in helping me to improve upon my sales skill set. Your input is awesome, and I really appreciate the honest constructive criticism – it really helps. You have helped me understand sales as a complete process. Understanding the bigger picture opened my eyes to many elements which I was overlooking. Your coaching has already helped me on every sales call I have made since we talked. The fierce competition in the New York City marketplace is unparalleled to most environments and you have provided me a variety of tools which I strongly feel will help propel me to new heights. It’s amazing how much we have already covered in a few sessions, and I’m really looking forward to having you coach me as I continue my journey to becoming a master salesman. You are awesome!

Eric W., Horticultural Creations

My Time Share Sales are Soaring

Alan how are you! Let me first say thank you for your book and all the time you have spent with me it really made the difference for me last month. Let me share my numbers with you: $286,760.00 did (the record before was $199,000) 56.30% – 22 sales in total (I worked 25 days)

You can imagine how excited I am right now, but the most important thing was the feeling that I have with me from being more professional and make a real connection with my clients and some friends too. I am talking to my boss to get you to be our next guest speaker at our next sales convention. Honestly, you have changed my life.

Jaime G., Time Share Sales Cozumel, Mexico

Overcoming the Price Objection

When we first started I told you I wanted a solution for the price objection. I sell a commodity product and my competitors just keep lowering the price to win the business. You not only gave me a solution, but you helped me understand how much value we offer to our clients. I’m not only going to be using that going forward, but I’m going back to all my existing accounts and make sure they understand what our company brings to the table. Thank you so much for your time and all your great coaching. I always learn so much when we talk.

Martha S., Acme Wire Company

I’m on the Leader Board for the First Time


Great news! Sales are really taking off for this program and I think the pivot technique we worked on is the main reason I have been more successful! I’ve been able to get the CEOs to talk more about their business, and that has made the whole process go much smoother for me and making me more comfortable. For the first time I am on the leader board for sales to date (across all marketing and all positions). I have brought in $47K this month alone. And I’m going forward from here because you have given me a lot of things to work on. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Molly B., Sales Rep / Fast CEO Events

Your Sales Coaching is Worth a Lot More!

Hi Alan,

After our one on one coaching session I wasn’t feeling well, so I came home early and decided to listen to G**** C******’s “Secrets to Closing” webinar. I figured for $49 it would be well worth it. After four hours I had only one page of notes and learned very little. When I sit with you for only an hour, my notebook is full, information is valuable and new, and the learning keeps vastly improving. Bottom line is you are fantastic. With your amazing help, I am getting there inch by inch. Just want to share and say thanks!

Eric W., B2B Service Sales

Working With Alan

I have just completed my fifth one on one coaching session with Alan, and I would like to share my experience so that others may benefit.

On each call, we build on the work from the previous call to build a comprehensive selling process. Over the years, I have done some selling but have never had much training.

What Alan has done, is give me the confidence that I am improving each time I speak with a prospect. It gives me the tools to evaluate each call to think about what went well and what needs improvement. Before working with Alan, it was pretty much hit or miss. I now know that selling is a learned skill and that with practice, one can improve.

For me, the last five months have been a game changer that is already yielding substantial results. When you are armed with a proven process, always working to improve, it gives you a huge amount of confidence in every step of the process from the time of the first contact to the prospect ultimately becoming a client. He has shown me superior ways to get the appointment and different ways to reach agreement with prospects to move forward and work together.

Alan shows you the way with valuable tips and emphasizing what to work on next. He will help you develop a game plan to keep improving and becoming a master salesperson. Sales training is one of the best investments you can make in your own career. Your current and future clients will thank you for it.

Stephen H., Toronto, Canada Financial Services

Building value, handling objections and closing tips

At first I was a bit sceptical about sales training via skype. Would it be any good, was I just gonna waste my money again on something that I may already know. I just wasn't sure.

But here's what I found. After one session - of three I have booked, I'm already pretty confident I've picked up some very useful tips that I'm going to start using asap. I kind of already had an idea of what I needed to do but I just couldn't figure out a system of how to go about it. So with only one session under my belt I have parts of that process in place now and as Alan says I've just got to practice it as much as I can.

I watched most of Alans youtube videos and liked the simple and easy to understand style of his training. I found some of the other coaches on youtube a bit difficult to follow. I've always needed simple no fluff explanations when learning something new and that's what I got with the first session.

So only one session in and I'm already happy I decided to get the coaching. Not only is the coaching very good it's tailored specifically to my service industry and needs. I already got great value from the first session and I'm looking forward to the next two to really hone in on my sales skills with that specific guidance.

I'll be back to comment on the next session.


John S., Roofing Sales / Melbourne, Australia

Building value, handling objections and closing tips - Session 2

Second session with Alan completed today. After our first session Alan gave me some homework which I gave in. I was surprised that he took my work and gave it back to me all polished up and ready for me to use on my appointments.

Second session we continued building on the first. Also dealing with objections specific to my industry. He took the homework I had done and showed me how to use that to overcome objections and convince prospects that I'm the best choice to go with.

We added a great new close that I'm going to try on my next appointment.

I'm finding the best thing is that I'm putting together a complete sales process very specific in dealing with the prospects I meet and need to close. No trickery here I must add.... just educating them by removing their concerns and fears. Helping them to make a decision.

These first two sessions have been great ... and really valuable to me.

The cost is very affordable to the average person I think. In my case, I'll recoup the money many times over in one sale. I'm always a bit wary of these online things but so far I've found this very good. I just needed that guidance and a set strategy and that's exactly what I'm getting. I'll be seeing the value in this for years not just when the sessions finish.


John S., Roofing Sales / Melbourne, Australia