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On the call we will:

  • Map out a financial plan to achieve your sales goals
  • Review your Sales Process
  • Determine where we can improve your sales process
  • Decide if One on One or Group Coaching is right for you

Book a time below and can get started. I will spend 20-30 minutes on the phone/skype with you discussing how we can help you learn the skills necessary for you to get in to the Top 1% of all salespeople in your own industry.

Book A Strategy CallFREE 30 Min Strategy Call

Priced So Every Salesperson Can Afford


Individual Coaching

Basic One-on-One Coaching Package:
Three one hour (60 minute) one-on-one personal coaching sessions.
This is the basic package that has given me the opportunity to personally help hundreds of salespeople all over the world.

Extended One-on-One Coaching Package:
Want to get a better rate by purchasing more sessions? This is the perfect package for you.
Five one hour one-on-one personal coaching sessions.

Group Coaching

Can't afford the price for one-on-one coaching?  Join a small group.

Group Coaching Package: Three one hour group sessions with four to seven participants.
$249 per person*
* (These sessions will be started when there is an appropriate number of registered students)

Want to make a slightly smaller investment and be in a group session with three to five other participants? This is the package for you. We will work on general concepts, but also spend time working with each individual on their strengths and weaknesses.

Company Group Coaching: Three one hour group sessions with multiple salespeople from the same company
$199 per person (minimum three participants)
This is a great way to make sure all the salespeople in your organization receive solid training in your company’s sales process.

I have been selling, managing, training and coaching salespeople for decades and have broken down the sales process into a number of repeatable steps and techniques that can be studied and mastered. I have sold just about everything you can imagine, I have hired and fired hundreds of salespeople throughout my career, and I know the work and dedication it takes to bring someone off the street and gradually turn them into a six figure career salesperson.

Whether you are brand new in sales or a seasoned sales veteran, my one on one sales coaching will help move you to the next level.

I will challenge you to think about your sales process in ways you have never done before. I’m looking for salespeople that want to work and study their craft. There will be homework.

On the call we will:

Where is Your Sales Process Breaking Down?

No matter what business you’re in, or what you sell, the opportunity exists to significantly increase your sales, because at some point, too many of your customers are walking away without buying. At some point, the sales process between you and those customers is breaking down. We find those breakdown points, and that’s where we begin our work.

Sales coaching is effective because the time is spent focusing on YOU. We break down YOUR sales process, we work with YOUR strengths and weaknesses, and spend time on the areas that are going to help YOU close more sales and make more money.

Sales Coaching is NOT an Expense.

Sales Coaching is an INVESTMENT

Sales coaching literally pays for itself, often in the first week. And once you reach a higher level of confidence in your sales abilities, it continues to pay dividends throughout your entire career.

Sales coaching is the purest example of an investment in your own career because the payoff and the dividends continue forever. Never think about how much it costs, always focus on the unlimited your investment will bring you for years and decades to come.

Across Every Industry, Anywhere in the World 

I work across all industries, so whether you sell products or services, B2B or B2C, tangible or intangible, wholesale or retail, domestic or international, $10 or $10 Million – I can help you. While it’s true that every sales situation is different, the fact is the fundamentals of the sales process are the same and can be applied regardless of what you’re selling, where you’re selling, who you’re selling to, or what level of sophistication you sell at.

As long as you speak English, or have a translator sitting in with us, I can help you.

Everybody is Different: Coaching is for Your Personal Needs 

Sales coaching is the most effective form of training because the time is spent focusing on YOU. We break down YOUR sales process, we work with YOUR strengths and weaknesses,
and spend time on the areas that are going to help YOU close more sales and make more money.

Imagine your increase in confidence when you have a process in place that was designed specifically for your specific sales scenario and your specific strengths and skill sets.

Bring the Very Best Sales Practices to Bear on Your Specific Situation

More than a book or a video, a one on one coaching session allows me to understand your unique situation, and bring the very best sales techniques to your specific sale. This is not general training, this is time spent helping YOU.

Book A Strategy CallFREE 30 Min Strategy Call