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Here’s Something You Don’t Want to Hear…   Most real estate agents have weak sales skills

...which means your buyers and sellers are in control of the sales process. Believe it or not, your clients – buyers and sellers – want you to control the process. When you’re not in control, they take control, and deals slip away. That’s when they decide not to list with you. That’s when they decide to work with other realtors. That’s when they want to see more houses (even though you’ve shown them several that would be perfect). That’s when they keep throwing “deal killers” into the negotiation.

FINALLY here is a structured training course that covers EVERY situation you encounter in the real estate sales process.

You will learn how to get listings from FSBOs by overcoming every objection they throw at you, how to keep buyers locked into your relations so you don’t lose them to another realtor next week, how to overcome the “deal killers” that buyers and sellers bring up during the negotiation, and MUCH MORE.

Here is the “secret sauce” you’ve been missing in all your training so far. I’m going to teach you how to SELL, and how to CLOSE deals that previously have slipped away.

If You Want to Double or Even Triple Your Real Estate Income, the Real Estate Sale Skills online course is for you!

The skills and techniques you are going to learn in this online training course are the surest way to become a top selling real estate agent. If you’re serious about improving your real estate sales skills, if you’re looking for solutions to some of the most common problems real estate agents face when managing difficult buyers and sellers, or if you just want to make more money, enroll in the online Real Estate Sale Skills course today.

What’s in the course?

  • More than 40 detailed instructional videos with the notes from every video
  • Word for word scripts, examples, word tracks, closes and the best technique to get the Listing Appointment and walk away with a Listing Contract
  • More than six hours of video sales lessons covering every situation you will encounter in the real estate sales process
  • Step by step video coaching and homework assignments so you can create your own sales process
  • Lifetime access to the course and all the materials

To be the BEST Realtor, ask yourself these questions:

  • What separates the highest selling real estate agents from the average selling real estate agents?
  • What techniques do they use to turn 80% or more of their leads into listings and sales?
  • How do they work with FSBOs and overcome the most difficult objections to get the listing time and time again?
  • How do they lock their buyers into a relationship, so the buyers don’t ever work with another realtor?
  • What techniques have they learned to close contract negotiations and not get tripped up by “deal breakers”?
  • How do the best real estate agents control difficult buyers and sellers to close a deal?

This online course includes more than 40 videos, each packed with step by step techniques, examples and scripts covering EVERY aspect of the real estate sales process. Along with each video is the text, so when you see an example in the video – you will have that example in writing which allows you to copy/paste to create your own study sheets and scripts.

In addition, you will receive MP3 audio files from each video so you can listen to the lessons in your car, while jogging, or on the treadmill at the gym. Video, audio and text – this multimedia access helps cement these skills and concepts in your mind.

This course will give you the skills you need to stay in control of the process.

Here are some examples of buyers and sellers taking control of the sales process from you. They might sound familiar!

  • You’re calling a tough FSBO and get told “we want to sell the property ourselves”
  • You’re giving a listing presentation and get told “we already have a realtor we want to work with”
  • You’re spending time with buyers only to discover next week they are working with another realtor
  • You’ve shown your buyers a hundred homes and get told “we still need to see a few more”
  • You’re negotiating but the buyers and sellers keep coming up with new “deal breakers” that stall and defeat your efforts

So what does this online course cost?

The National Association of Realtors says the average net commission for a realtor is $3,200 after expenses. Your commissions may be higher or lower. This course is only $695 which means that if you only sell one more home as a result of the skills you will learn in this course, it pays for itself six times over, but over time the return could be 30, 40 50 to one, and the payback goes on and on throughout your career.

Best of all, the Real Estate Sales Skills online course, comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with the course for any reason, you will receive a full refund. But we’re not worried because this is the most comprehensive and effective real estate sales training materials ever put together in one package, and if you disagree, you get your money back.

You can’t lose!

So what are you waiting for? Change the trajectory of your career. Enroll in this risk-free online training course today!