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Closing Techniques (Coming Soon)

Everyone asks me for my “killer” closing technique. Truth is, closing is part of the natural progression of the sales process. The way I do it, closing (asking for the sale) is really pretty easy. I’m going to teach you a variety of pivot techniques, closing combinations, and simple yet powerful closing phrases that you can use to help your customer decide to move forward.

Pushy salespeople (“aggressive closers”) have no skill, they just rely on pressure tactics. Truly professional salespeople are strong in every phase of the sale from beginning to end, and closing is the natural next step.

In this module I share, not only my closing techniques and phrases, but pre-close and pivot techniques and phrases that I have taught to thousands of salespeople around the world, so I know they will work for you.

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Handling Objections (Coming Soon)

There are three ways to handle objections, and in this detailed course module I will teach you all three methods.  Step by step we begin with your toughest objections, and by the end of this course you will have at least three responses to each objection with specific phrases you can use immediately.

Let’s be honest, you won’t make every sale, and I don’t care how great any “sales guru” claims to be – they don’t make every sale either. But, if you expect the objections and arm yourself with multiple techniques for handling them when they arise, you have a much better shot at turning them around and moving toward a close.

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Sales Skills for Beginners (Coming Soon)

These structured sales skills and techniques will give you confidence to succeed in any sales job, and take it to the next level. You'll get point by point skills breakdown complete with phrases, word tracks, lots of examples and practice drills. You’ll get a structured framework complete with pivoting phrases and technique combinations to a close.

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Also in the works:

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  • Zen Selling
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  • Closing Techniques Modules
  • Network Marketing Sales Techniques
  • Presentation Skills
  • Questions and Needs Development
  • Listening and Questioning Skills
  • The Heart and Mind of a Great Sales Manager
  • Creating Your Core Value Statement
  • Retail Selling
  • The Sales Success Formula – Why Some Succeed and Others Fail
  • Goal Setting Strategies
  • Attitude, Mindset, and Self-Beliefs
  • Advice for New Salespeople