Alan's Vision


I understand what it’s like to be a salesperson, to live on commission, the pressure of meeting sales numbers every week and every month. I understand the downside and the grind of sales, but I want you to experience the amazing feeling of success when you beat your numbers every week, when you make it to the top of the leader board and earn the big paychecks, when you begin to feel in control of your future.

Sales is a wonderful profession, but it has always bothered me that most salespeople fail. I think they fail because they lack the basic sales techniques and a sales process that will work repeatedly. Most companies do not offer good sales training, so most salespeople are on their own.

By creating sales materials that are affordable for any salesperson, easy to understand and easy to put into practice immediately, I hope to change the lives of millions of salespeople by empowering them to succeed in their profession.

I want you to have the confidence to earn a respectable, professional wage in any sales job, and to have a high level of confidence in your sales skills, to take your sales career to the next level and succeed in any sales position, or in your own business, if that's what you want to do.


Big Book of Sales Mission


Big Book of Sales provides structured sales skills and techniques that give you confidence to succeed in any sales situation, and help you take your sales results to the next level. The sales modules offered on this website contain point by point skills breakdown complete with phrases, word tracks, examples and practice drills. You’ll get a structured framework with pivoting phrases and technique combinations to a close.

The materials on this site are a life preserver for salespeople who don’t know where to turn.

This is the sales process that’s been missing – broken down for you, point by point. You will see inside my sales mind. I have spent decades cataloging and documenting thousands of techniques and phrases for any sales situation.

Improving your sales skills is the same as preparing and practicing for an elite sport. Teach and practice the little things with attention to detail. Day in and day out, practice until the skill comes naturally, then add another technique, and another. Nothing comes without practice and hard work. You can be assured that the salesperson who makes it look effortless has put in a lot of work through the years to make it look that way.

You will know you’re making progress when the process seems to slow down, the customers all seem to say the same things and ask the same questions, and you can start to predict what’s coming next – and be ready with the right technique at just the right time.

I truly want you to be successful and earn a great living in this profession.

About Alan

Alan Gordon is the creator of the Big Book of Sales and has been training salespeople and companies for years! His unique style and technique has brought amazing results to his clients and now he is ready to share his expertise with the sales world!

Imagine if you could see inside the minds of the best salespeople, see the techniques they use, hear the words and phrases they use.

Sometimes the smallest change, a simple technique, one phrase makes all the difference when you’re selling.

I have devoted the past decade to categorizing hundreds of sales techniques, words, and phrases so you can see exactly how top salespeople communicate with their prospects, move through the sales process, and close the sale.

Countless salespeople around the world have studied these techniques and ideas, and profited from them.

The key to succeeding in sales is a desire to learn.

Wherever you are starting from, I am on your side to make you the best salesperson you can be.

My mission is to provide a structured process to new salespeople, more advanced skills and techniques to average salespeople, and to make simple high leverage changes to top salespeople.