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NOTE: Alan's Personal Coaching Is Limited To 30 People
"I'm Looking For A Few More
Dream Clients..."
"If That's You...I WANT TO PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One  
To Help You Dramatically Improve Your Sales Over The Next 12 Months!"
Every month I set aside only a limited number of hours... If this Video is Still Up that Means That There Are Still Some Openings for my One on One or Group Coaching Programs 
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Alan Gordon's Coaching Is The Fastest Proven Way To Get Into The Top 1% Of Your Profession!
(Check Out These Testimonials Below From People Who Have Worked With Alan ...)
You Have Changed Everything
Alan’s coaching is top notch and well worth the investment! Practical real life sales training techniques and structure for the sales process. I highly recommend “The Big Book of Sales” and one-on-one coaching by Alan Gordon for a more personalized sales strategy. I’ve read a lot of sales books in my life but none as comprehensive and useful as this. Working with him individually really brings everything to life – and he was able to bring these concepts to my personal sales situation. It has been extremely helpful.

      ----Walter N. , Channel Distribution Apparel Sales
My Time Share Sales are Soaring
Alan how are you! Let me first say thank you for your book and all the time you have spent with me it really made the difference for me last month. Let me share my numbers with you: $286,760.00 did (the record before was $199,000) 56.30% – 22 sales in total (I worked 25 days)
You can imagine how excited I am right now, but the most important thing was the feeling that I have with me from being more professional and make a real connection with my clients and some friends too. I am talking to my boss to get you to be our next guest speaker at our next sales convention. Honestly, you have changed my life.

      ----Jaime G., Time Share Sales Cozumel, Mexico
I’m on the Leader Board for the First Time
Great news! Sales are really taking off for this program and I think the pivot technique we worked on is the main reason I have been more successful! I’ve been able to get the CEOs to talk more about their business, and that has made the whole process go much smoother for me and making me more comfortable. For the first time I am on the leader board for sales to date (across all marketing and all positions). I have brought in $47K this month alone. And I’m going forward from here because you have given me a lot of things to work on. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      ----Molly B., Sales Rep / Fast CEO Events
Your Sales Coaching is Worth a Lot More!
After our one on one coaching session I wasn’t feeling well, so I came home early and decided to listen to G**** C******’s “Secrets to Closing” webinar. I figured for $49 it would be well worth it. After four hours I had only one page of notes and learned very little. When I sit with you for only an hour, my notebook is full, information is valuable and new, and the learning keeps vastly improving. Bottom line is you are fantastic. With your amazing help, I am getting there inch by inch. Just want to share and say thanks!

     ----Eric W., B2B Service Sales
Cell Phone Retail Store Sales
Alan, I’m paying for your coaching out of my own pocket and let me tell you it was way worth it. After our first session I was opening up more conversations about service upgrades. I am going to make a ton more money! I cant wait to get to your techniques on closing! Everyone needs to hire you.

     ----Ray B., Cell Phone Retail Store Sales

Gym Membership Sales Doubled!
After our coaching session this week I closed 6 memberships in one day and had 17 for the week. My best week before this was 9. The technique at the beginning worked just like you said it would, and the “easy” close you taught me worked just about every time. I’m really pumped. Thank you and I can’t wait for our next session.

     ----Dwight Q., Health Club Membership Sales

Building value, handling objections and closing tips
At first I was a bit skeptical about sales training via skype. Would it be any good, was I just gonna waste my money again on something that I may already know. I just wasn't sure.

But here's what I found. After one session - of three I have booked, I'm already pretty confident I've picked up some very useful tips that I'm going to start using asap. I kind of already had an idea of what I needed to do but I just couldn't figure out a system of how to go about it. So with only one session under my belt I have parts of that process in place now and as Alan says I've just got to practice it as much as I can.

I watched most of Alans youtube videos and liked the simple and easy to understand style of his training. I found some of the other coaches on youtube a bit difficult to follow. I've always needed simple no fluff explanations when learning something new and that's what I got with the first session.

So only one session in and I'm already happy I decided to get the coaching. Not only is the coaching very good it's tailored specifically to my service industry and needs. I already got great value from the first session and I'm looking forward to the next two to really hone in on my sales skills with that specific guidance.

I'll be back to comment on the next session.

     ----John S., Roofing Sales / Melbourne, Australia
My name is Alan Gordon and I have been selling, managing, training and coaching salespeople for decades. In that time I have broken down the sales process into a number of repeatable steps and techniques that can be studied and mastered. 

I have sold just about everything you can imagine, I have hired and fired hundreds of salespeople throughout my career, and I know the work and dedication it takes to bring someone off the street and gradually turn them into a six figure career salesperson.

Whether you are brand new in sales or a seasoned sales veteran, my one on one sales coaching or group coaching will help move you to the next level.

I will challenge you to think about your sales process in ways you have never done before. I’m looking for salespeople that want to work and study their craft. There will be homework.
In a 10 minute Skype/Phone (your choice) conference directly with ME, we’ll review the following so that I can understand your current "sales process”. 
We Will Get On Video Skype,
(10 minute consultation), and go over... 

1st -  Your Current Sales Process
2nd -Where your getting stuck in your current sales process 
3rd - What Your current sales and career goals are
4th - We will identify your strengths and weaknesses as a sales person 
5th - Define your expectations from sales coaching
Who Should Join Six Figure Coaching?...
If You’re Committed To Making 6 Figures+ In These Next 12 Months In Your Sales Career OR you want to dramatically improve your sales....
 then Alan's 6 figure coaching is right for you
I’ll show you how to naturally harness the most powerful Techniques that will make you a serial superstar. 
Don't Lose Another Sale!
Don't lose another sale! I want to work with you personally to help get you to a higher higher level of confidence in your sales abilities. 

Sales coaching is the purest example of an investment in your own career because the payoff and the dividends continue forever. IMAGINE the return you will get for decades to come by investing in your sales growth and development.
Priced So Every Salesperson Can Afford..."
Basic One-on-One Coaching Package:

Three one hour (60 minute) one-on-one personal coaching sessions with Alan

This is the basic package that has given me the opportunity to personally help hundreds of salespeople all over the world.

Group Coaching Package: 
Want to make a slightly smaller investment and be in a group session with three to five other participants? This is the package for you. We will work on general concepts, but also spend time working with each individual on their strengths and weaknesses.

Three one hour group sessions with four to seven participants.
$199 per person*

(These sessions will be started when there is an appropriate number of registered students)
Option 1: Group Coaching
Can't afford the price for one-on-one coaching? Join a small group

Three one hour group sessions with four to seven participants.

$199 per person
Option 2: 1-on-1 Coaching Package:

Three one hour (60 minute) one-on-one personal coaching sessions.

$429 For 3 One Hour Sessions 
Here's What To Do Next:
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We will speak over the phone or skype for YOUR initial 10 minute NO OBLIGATION strategy call 

We will go over your sales process and define what is working for you vs whats not. 
Option 1: High Impact Group Coaching
Three one hour group sessions with four to seven participants.

$199 per person
Option 2: One-on-One Coaching Package:
Three one hour (60 minute) one-on-one personal coaching sessions.

$429 For 3 Sessions 
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