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Seven amazing sales challenges that will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about selling. You will get dozens of ideas, techniques and skills you can use immediately.

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Alan Gordon is the author of the Big Book of Sales and has been training salespeople and companies for years! His unique style and technique has brought amazing results to his clients and now he is ready to share his expertise with the sales world!

Transform Frustration and Stress into Confidence
I understand what it’s like to be a salesperson, to live on commission, feel the pressure of meeting sales numbers every week and every month. I understand the downside and the grind of sales, but I want you to experience the amazing feeling of success when you beat your numbers every week, when you make it to the top of the leader board and earn the big paychecks, that amazing moment of confidence when you realize you’re in control of your career and your financial future.

A Guidepost to Success
The materials on this site are a life preserver for salespeople who don’t know where to turn.  Most companies do not offer quality sales training, leaving salespeople on their own.  Imagine if you could see inside the minds of the best salespeople in the world, see the techniques they use, and hear the words and phrases they use.

Adding Structure and Discipline
This website provides you with structured sales skills and techniques that will give you confidence to succeed in any sales job, and help you take your sales results to the next level. The sales modules offered on this website contain point by point skills breakdown complete with phrases, word tracks, examples and practice drills.

The Point by Point Details You've Been Looking For
This is the sales process that’s been missing – broken down for you, point by point. You will see inside my sales mind and benefit from my years spent cataloging and documenting thousands of techniques and phrases for any sales situation.

Whenever you see a salesperson who “makes it look so easy”
you can bet they have put in years of work to make it look that way.

~  Alan Gordon

Love the Seven Step Sales Challenge

I'm finding these Sales Challenge videos to be very helpful, I have just recently taken up a new job in B2B IT sales which I start in a few weeks. I have worked most of my life in retail so these challenge videos and the Big Book of Sales are great tools I'm going to use to study up and become successful in  B2B sales. You’re giving me a sales structure that I can follow and think about while I’m talking to customers.  I just wanted to say thanks and I look forward to the next challenge.

- Charles S., New to B2B Sales